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101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions


101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions by Ron Fry. This is an excellent guide to attend interviews. 101 Great Answers To The Toughest Interview Questions contains a collection of all possible interview questions and how to answer and face them in a typical interview. A prospective job seeker can also get excellent tips to cracking hard interview questions in this video. Learn to crack your interview today! 00:00 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions 16:47 "Know Thyself" 22:49 Screening interview 25:00 Phone interview 27:48 Stress Interview 31:56 1:55:44 2:03:15 Situational Interview [hypothetical questions] 32:45 1:04:17 Reason for probing 33:02 How you handled yourself in a disaster situation? 34:24 Group interview 37:02 What the Hiring manager is looking for? 38:10 49:53 How to ACE any interview. 41:27 How to make a “Personal Inventory” for interview 40:45 Tell me about yourself? 42:44 Sales interview answers 45:04 2:01:59 Lack of experience 46:31 58:53 1:37:19 1:42:54 Manager interview answers 59:47 Fiscal duties/Budgeting questions 51:39 Why are you thinking of leaving your current job? 52:05 Why did you leave your last job? 54:49 Fired/laid-off [don’t dwell on the negative, what have you learned] 55:17 Job hopping/quitting job * 56:52 1:02:40 *********Answer********** 1:01:00 How long have you been looking for work? 1:04:11 What make you better than someone else with the same qualities? 1:06:05 What are your bigest weaknesses? 1:06:06 Hardest questions 1:06:48 1:07:27 How to answer them 1:07:52 1:09:16 Talk about worst boss Questions about fitting into organization 1:11:18 1:12:14 Organized habits/Answers 1:12:40 1:13:04 Handling Change/Answers 1:14:01 1:14:34 Making decisions/Answers 1:15:19 Handling pressure 1:15:47 Anticipating problems 1:16:32 Are you a Risk taker? 1:17:00 What are your regrets? if you could start your career all over again, what would you do diffently? 1:18:15 1:36:01 How you interact with people 1:19:14 Tips for handling questions about work 1:21:54 Questions about last job. What were your most memorable accomplishments? 1:31:37 Questions about our job/company 1:33:40 “Ideal Job” 1:40:35 What is failure to you? 1:41:27 Where do you see yourself in five years 1:42:20 Any new objectives/goals 1:43:28 Definition of a Manager 1:45:57 Personal Questions 1:48:55 What do you like to do when you are not are work? 1:55:40 Hypothetical questions 1:59:01 Do you want your bosses job? 2:01:09 Handling least interesting job duties 2:01:59 Are you a self-taught person? 2:03:14 How to shine in situational questions 2:06:40 1st interview out of school/college 2:10:06 Different careers from degree major. why are you applying for a job in a field other than the one on which you get your degree? 2:12:36 Interview trap 2:13:45 There are no innocent questions 2:14:18 2:33:04 TRICK Questions 2:16:32 Solution 2:21:34 Inappropriate questions 2:36:23 Know your rights 2:40:26 2:40:46 2:41:26 Questions for the end of interview 2:53:32 Salary Negotiations 2:58:38 After-interview Protocol 3:00:33 Epilogue Having a "Stress Interview" is discussed at 27:44 - very helpful explanation of what it is and how to handle this scenario more effectively (instead of getting angry and frustrated) (solution starts at 29:58) Situational interview technique starts at 31:36. 32:43 begins section on digging into your past, how you handled yourself in difficulties, etc. Discussion of team interview starts at 34:04 Beginning at 38:10, tips for relaxing and acing a job interview. At 41:30, a great summary list of topics that will help answer "tell me about yourself" in less than a minute, followed by a deconstructed example, and tips for constructing your own answer. Laid off or fired? How to answer that question at 53:00. Job history: job hopping or being someplace a long time? How do you answer? starts at 55:25 At 1:02:00, tips on using the word "more" as a way of emphasizing what you are seeking, and other ways to emphasize your suitability. The interviewing process is a kind of sale. In this case, you are the product—and the salesperson. If you show up unprepared to talk about your unique features and benefits, you're not likely to motivate an interviewer to "buy." The sad fact is that many job candidates are unprepared to talk about themselves. You may have mailed a gorgeous resume and cover letter. You may be wearing the perfect clothes on the day of the interview. But if you can't convince the interviewer—face to face—that you are the right person for the job, you aren't likely to make the sale. Too many candidates hesitate after the first open-ended question, then stumble and stutter their way through a disjointed litany of resume "sound bites." Other interviewees recite canned replies that only highlight their memory skills.

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